Did you get new insurance??? We provide Insurance Photo Inspections for ALL Insurance companies thru CARCO.  It is a free service to you. Your Insurance company pays for this.

Rental Assistance

Deductible Assistance

New Updates for 2017

Aftermarket Parts

We can set up a monthly payment plan until your deductible is in your account. we balance a plan that is affordable you. You become a VIP customer, we help with local towing and your rental. And when that accident happens you already have the funds waiting.

Prepaid Deductible

Aftermarket has been dubbed "junk parts" but it is not the case.  For every situation there is a solution and our partnership with Keystone/LKQ allows for a nice blend of quality, fitment and cost.    

Call Now for Accident Advice: (518) 280-5256

Factory Parts

We have 2 Local Banks who are willing to look over your financials and potentially give a personal loan for repairs. 518Collision also can set up a repayment plan but must be discussed prior to repairs. We understand living on a budget.

$25.00 a Month For 24 Months. Just Click BELOW

Our hope is you have rental and if you do we can bill your rental right through your insurance carrier.  If in an event you do not have rental we can discuss providing you wheels during your repair if you meet the requirements.

$50.00 a month for 12 Months. Just click BELOW

We have built a relationship with local dealerships and if an insurance company is insistent on aftermarket we can call our distributers and Price match the OE part for the aftermarket one.  Not always applicable every situation is unique. 

If you choose to not use us for repairs no big deal we will cut you your check so you can pay your shop of choice.  If your deductible is not 500 and would like to participate please call us at 518-331-9049 to set up your options.  Don't wait on this offer life doesn't.